Empowering E-Learning With Genuine Licensing

The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic is so endearing that we might see a permanent shift in our educational setting and with this shift comes another problem – the additional cost of software licensing. In a country where 1/3 of the rural population lives in extreme poverty with earnings of less than $1 USD per day, it will take a year to afford just 1 genuine license, assuming that 100% of their earnings are allotted for the software and not for food and the needs of day to day living. When we consider the cost of simply staying alive, an impoverish Filipino can afford a genuine software in about… never.

Getting only 2 options – spend 10,000 PHP or piracy, the answer is a no-brainer for most. 90% of pirated software contains malicious files to exploit the user for the hacker’s financial gain. An average cost of a ransomware attack is 15,000 PHP – another cost we cannot allow anyone to shoulder, more so by a poor student simply trying to to get out of poverty through education. Today, E-learning is more vital than ever. The access to genuine software is paramount. This will be our social responsibility during these trying times.


Free and permanent access to any genuine software needed. Even if the software is not on our store, just let us know what you need. We will reserve 10%* of our allocation or about 30-50 licenses across multiple products per month to this endeavor.


Public school administrator, principal, teacher or a charitable NGO working to bring the much needed genuine software to students in need.


Just send a letter of intent to [email protected] and let us know how we can help you. Because of limited allocation, please be conscientious enough and send a letter of intent only if you consider your school, students and community in need.


We still consider this battle ours and won’t be accepting any donations. If this changes, we will let you know. For the meantime, if you know someone we can help, help us help them by telling them about this initiative we are offering.


A total of 271 licenses has been donated to 6 public schools, 4 organizations and 224 teachers and students for the past 118 days 16 hours 51 minutes.

*We set our initial goal at 60% and realized it will be unsustainable and that it will put us out of business in under 6 months. We apologize for severely overestimating our capacity. We lowered it at 10% to set a more realistic objective.


Joey Chan