Our Mission: Affordable genuine software for the Filipinos.

The latest operating system costs 12,000 PHP. For an average Filipino, you need to work for 22 days to purchase one. In contrary, An American can purchase one after working for just 6 hours. An operating system is not a luxury, it is a necessity for work, school and business.

We do believe that every Filipino deserves an access to a genuine software. This is the core foundation on why Product Key Philippines was established: To ensure that every Filipinos can obtain a genuine software to help with their work, school, business and leisure for just a fraction of the cost.



When we say lifetime, we meant forever. Any product on our shop that carries a Lifetime Guarantee means that the product key will never expire and that you will be offered a full replacement in an unlikely event that it stopped working.

Joey Chan

Genuine Keys Guaranteed!

Product keys we sell are 100% genuine, unused and working or your money back! As a matter of fact, you can even check its authenticity online via its official website if applicable even before installation, see the specific product information page to know how.

Product keys are unique – it is only seen by the client and is automatically sent to the client’s email after purchase together with the invoice. Do check your spam just in case the product key got there. If you have any additional instructions for your order, just let us know.

How long you receive your product key depends on how soon you can send us the proof of payment. After you emailed us the screenshot, picture or scanned copy of the proof of payment, it’ll only take us 15 seconds to 5 minutes to validate this and send you the product key. Bulk purchases may require more time for fulfillment.

100% Retail Keys, Not OEM!

Unlike OEM and MAK licenses, You can claim ownership with highest tier retail licenses by binding them permanently with your personal Microsoft account. Since you technically own the license, you can then reuse it in anyway you like such as reactivating your PC after an upgrade or reusing the license to a completely different PC. Enjoy unlimited reinstallation without the need to purchase licenses again and again!

Genuine retail keys will also allow you to have an online device manager via accounts.microsoft.com/device to optimize your PCs, locate lost devices, remotely lock any of your devices or speak to a Microsoft support for any issues. Note that it is ILLEGAL to use an OEM key without the accompanying COA or Certificate of Authenticity attached to the device using it. Microsoft will block these keys at anytime. To know the full benefits of the highest tier retail keys, click here.

Pirated Software is Dangerous.

According to a study by the National University Of Singapore, there is a 92% chance that your PC is infected with malware after installing a pirated OS. These malware include ransomware, that can  lock down your PC until a payment has been made.

But the most dangerous malware are called rootkits which mimic the core system files. They come from pirated software installation and are not detectable by any anti-virus as it hides as a legitimate system file. With a simple command, hackers can get your usernames, passwords, financial details, browsing history and other files they deemed useful.

They can also operate your PC remotely. Use your social media accounts to post as you. Use your browser and saved credentials to shop online, use your credit card and even transfer money from your bank accounts via online banking services without your knowledge. Piracy can ruin lives.

A Cracked PC Is A Slow PC.

Most people will think that their anti-virus is just giving false positives during an installation of a pirated OS but the truth is that 92% of pirated OS really do contain malware.

Most of these malware are the most dangerous: Rootkits, which continuously send keystrokes, pictures, videos (when you have a webcam), usernames, passwords, financial details and other data they can take advantage of. These malware severely slow down your PC by using its CPU, RAM and running hidden programs.

“Cracking” an OS is a complicated process involving alteration of the system’s core files and core registry files. It also alters the way your computer connects to the servers. These alterations adversely hinder the way your PC communicates with the OS thru your drivers, making your PC up to 40% slower than usual.