Only Office 365 is compatible with phone and tablet devices running iOS and Android and with our Office 365 Professional Plus, you are allotted with 15 installations across all devices! – whether PC, Mac, iOS or Android for just 1,880 PHP. Installation is via official method. If you are using an iOS based device such as an iPad or iPhone, Office apps are directly downloaded from the App Store. For Android based Phones and Tablets, Office apps are directly downloaded from Google Play Store.

1. If you are using iOS, open App Store. If you are using Android, open Google Play Store. Due to the nature of installation on both iOS and Android, you will not be able to install a single app that will install all office apps. You will have to search for each app and install them one by one. Although there is a Microsoft Office app that integrates Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single app, it is very confusing to use for beginners. There are also other apps not included with the Microsoft Office app such as Outlook, OneNote, Teams and OneDrive that you will still need to download separately. Feel free to also download Microsoft Office app as it has some PDF features not available on the traditional apps.

office 365 ios android phone tablet device installation 1

2. After downloading your Office apps, their icons will appear on your device. Simply open any office app, we will open Word for example. The first screen will ask you to sign up or sign in. Signing up is free but it will only give you limited features. Use the account you purchased from us to activate the premium features. Sign in using the username and the password you set for it and click Next.

office 365 ios android phone tablet device installation 2

3. More information will be required. We added new feature that enhances the security of your account. You are now required to setup an authentication phone, email or both. This is very important to ensure that only you can access your account. Microsoft will send you an authentication code in case you forgot your password and want to reset it or if an unauthorized device is trying to login using your credentials from an unknown device or unusual location. Click finish after setting it up to continue.

4. You’re All Set! You only need to activate one Office app and all your Office apps will be activated as well. Enjoy Office 365 Professional Plus on your Phone and Tablets with premium features for its lifeme across 15 different devices. It’s about time to put mobile into work and work into mobile!

office 365 ios android phone tablet device installation 3


Use OneDrive at your own risk. The complimentary OneDrive included in lifetime Office 365 is subject to frequent throttling that can last days, weeks or even months. Making it unusable for long periods of time. In addition, Microsoft does not allow disconnecting complimentary OneDrive. This means that an accidental file deletion in a complimentary OneDrive on just one of these devices means permanent file deletion across all devices that use the same complimentary OneDrive. You can completely ignore these concerns if you save your files locally.

If you will go against our advice and would still use OneDrive, we require that you use a personal OneDrive instead. Unlike complimentary OneDrive, a personal OneDrive does not throttle because it is resource independent. You can also freely connect or disconnect any device of your choice to and from your OneDrive negating all our concerns mentioned above. Click here to see our guide on how to create a free personal OneDrive account and connect it with your Lifetime Office 365.