Most new laptops have already a preinstalled trial of Microsoft Office 365. Some may have already availed an Office 365 subscription but want to avail lifetime subscription instead. Both of these Office installations can be directly activated in just a few easy steps without the need for reinstallation. Our Microsoft Office 365 Apps For Enterprise license is a top-tier, enterprise level license that can activate trial, expiring or expired installations of Office 365 whether personal, home and student, family or business and upgrade it to the highest level, lifetime, enterprise license in just a few easy steps.

1. Always restart your device prior to activating Office. This makes activation less prone to errors.

2. Open any Office apps, we will use Word for example.

3A. If you are using a PC, click Account at the lower left corner of the screen and then click Activate Product just below the Office logo on the upper right.

3B. If you are using Mac, click Activate denoted by a key icon at the lower left corner of the screen. It will open a new window. Click Already have a subscription? Sign in.

4. This will open a sign in window. You will need to sign in using the credentials that you purchased from us. If you are logged in using a different account, click Use a different account otherwise, continue signing in.

5. Sign in using the credentials.

6. If this is the first time you are signing in, you will need to set a new password for your account. This is to ensure that only you knows the password for your account.

7. More information will be required. We added new feature that enhances the security of your account. Click Next.

8. We now require you to setup an authentication phone, email or both. This is very important to ensure that only you can access your account. Microsoft will send you an authentication code in case you forgot your password and want to reset it or if an unauthorized device is trying to login using your credentials from an unknown device or unusual location. Click finish after setting it up.

9. The next screen has no right or wrong setup. You can check Allow my organization to manage my device and click OK for this device to appear on you Office 365 online dashboard or you can opt to uncheck this option and click No, sign in to this app only if you only want local management of this device. This means that this device will not be manageable using your Office 365 online dashboard and you will have to manually remove the license by signing out the credentials.

10. You’re all set! Congratulations! Click Done. Your Office 365 is now activated.