If you prefer to save your files locally and have no intention of using OneDrive, you can simply ignore this guide.

Our Lifetime Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus For 15 Devices comes with a free complimentary 5TB OneDrive. However, These complimentary cloud drives are subject to frequent throttling that can last days, weeks or even months. Making it unusable for long periods of time. In addition, Microsoft does not allow disconnecting complimentary OneDrive. This means that an accidental file deletion in a complimentary OneDrive on just one of these devices means permanent file deletion across all devices that use the same complimentary OneDrive.

Even though these concerns can completely be ignored by saving files locally, we understand that some users will still want to use OneDrive together with their Microsoft Office 365 that is why we came up with the best solution to ensure that you can still use OneDrive worry-free by connecting your free personal OneDrive account to your lifetime Office 365.

1. Click here and sign up for a free OneDrive account. If you already have a Microsoft account, just sign in. You will receive a free 5GB storage which should be enough to store your Office files. Unlike complimentary OneDrives, a personal OneDrive does not throttle because it is resource independent. You can also freely connect or disconnect any device of your choice to and from your OneDrive negating all our concerns mentioned above.

2A. If you are using a PC, Open Word or any Office app. Click Account at the lower left corner of the screen and then click Add a service. Mouse over Storage and click OneDrive.

2B. If you are using Mac, Open Word or any Office app. Click on your Profile Icon at the upper left corner of the screen and then, click on the + sign next to Connected Services.

3. This will open a Microsoft Add a service sign in. Sign in with your personal Microsoft account. Note that your personal Microsoft account is also your OneDrive account.

4. After adding a service, you might be asked if the account you just signed in is to be used everywhere on your device. This means that Microsoft will remember this account in case you want to use it to sign in with various Microsoft related apps and websites. Simply click Microsoft apps only since we are just going to use this account for OneDrive.

5. That’s it! Congratulations! You are now using your personal OneDrive account with your Lifetime Office 365! You will need to repeat this process on every device where you want to connect your personal OneDrive. You can also remove your personal OneDrive at anytime by clicking Remove next to your personal OneDrive on Connected Services list.